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When a tooth has had considerable destruction, as a result of decay or trauma, a “crown” is sometimes suggested. The walls of the tooth can become very thin and cracks can develop in a tooth causing it to hurt when you bite down. In order to protect the tooth, and allow you to function painlessly, a crown will be placed to cover all aspects of the tooth: this causes the biting forces to be spread in all directions, protecting the tooth from further breakage and reducing pain.

The fabrication of a crown takes usually two appointments.  At the first appointment the tooth will be frozen (anesthetized), and then reduced in order to prepare room for the capping material.  An impression will be made of the prepared tooth and a temporary plastic crown will be fabricated. This temporary cap will hold the space, while your crown is being constructed by a lab.  Eventually, the new crown is fitted and, if all looks good, it will be cemented in place.

Your new crown may be made in a tooth-coloured porcelain, gold, or silver depending on the discussions with your dentist and your own personal preferences.

At Cornerstone Family Dentistry we have a colorist on staff to ensure you get the absolute best-matched shade to your natural tooth color. This service is referred to as Custom Shading.