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At Cornerstone Family Dentistry we are committed to making sustainable choices for our office & community:

  • All of our lights have been replaced with energy saving light bulbs. So please be patient as the light takes a bit longer to get stronger in here!
  • Our carpets are made from recycled material and when we are finished with it, they can be recycled.
  • We used a low VOC (volatile organic compound) environmentally friendly paint that also has no odor and uses less paint
  • We take only digital radiographs, which not only provides a significantly lower amount of radiation exposure to you, but we also eliminate the use of developer and fixer chemicals and lead liners
  • We steam sterilize our instruments instead of using harsh chemicals
  • We are a paperless office! We have significantly reduced the amount of paper used as we eliminated the use of charts with our computer software
  • We have on-site laundering facilities and wash our own towels. This helps to cut down on waste rather than using disposable items
  • We have installed a programmable thermostats to save energy
  • We use an amalgam separator to allow environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings, preventing pollution of the water system
  • And as always, we continue to reduce, reuse & recycle wherever possible

All of these changes are to improve our service to you and help create a better world for our children.