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Cosmetic Dentist

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is a beautiful smile? This differs for each one of us and is a personal preference. If you look at your teeth and are unhappy with what you see, then cosmetic dentistry (technically called esthetic dentistry) might be the answer.  Cosmetic dentistry offers a large range of many services, and involves doing whatever is needed to give an individual the smile they seek.

Cosmetic dentistry may be as simple as giving someone a whiter smile, but it also may be as complex as reshaping multiple teeth in the mouth.  When we look at someone’s smile, we look for symmetry from one side to the next, for balance and midlines of the smile being centred on the face. People want to see teeth that follow the lips when a person smiles. and that fills-out the corners of the mouth in a full smile.

A cosmetic dentist enables people to achieve these results by using porcelain tooth restorations (crowns, bridges, veneers) along with teeth whitening (bleaching), gum contouring and sometime orthodontics to align the teeth in a pleasing manner.

At the initial consultation, the patient will reveal what he/she is unhappy with and what his/her goals are. After understanding the patient’s expectations, cosmetic dentists collect data about the client’s face (photographs, radiographs, gum analysis, facial analysis, measurements and models of the patient’s teeth). The teeth will be sent to a lab to wax up what we feel will satisfy the patient’s goals.  The final result will be shown to the patient for discussion.  Once we have determined that we have a smile pleasing to the patient, then we will begin the treatment to achieve their beautiful smile.

Visit our Smile Gallery to view some Cosmetic Dentistry case studies and remarkable before and afters.