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When teeth are lost there are many ways that one can go about replacing them. One of these options is dentures.  Whether it is for all the teeth (a complete denture) or a few teeth (a partial denture), this is a quick and relatively easy and inexpensive way to replace missing teeth. Moulds are taken of the remaining teeth and gums and a denture is fabricated with teeth attached to acrylic resin. The denture is removable and needs to be cleaned and removed at night to allow gums to rest.

Recently, with the advantages of implants, dentures can now be attached to implants. This improves function and fit. These dentures have extremely high retention resulting in great patient satisfaction. Patients feel more secure with the implants and adhesives are no longer required when patients can’t get the fit they want from conventional dentures. Some dentures are even screwed into the implants meaning that the patient no longer removes the denture at night. They are only removed at dental maintenance appointments to allow the dental team to clean the denture and underlying tissues.

Along with the use of implants and bridges, dentures give patients another alternative to tooth replacement.