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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards
Whether you call them a sports guard or a mouth guard they are both the same thing – a device made of flexible plastic that is worn over your teeth to protect them from potential blows to the head or teeth during sports or physical activities. We would recommend that anyone involved in sports – where a fall, bodily contact or flying equipment may occur – should wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth.

Mouth guards usually cover the upper teeth and are designed to protect against broken teeth, cut lips and damage to your mouth. Mouthguards can also help protect against concussions. We make custom fitted mouthguards by taking an impression of your teeth and making a mouthguard for you in the colour of your choice. There are also boil and bite ones available in most sporting goods stores, although their fit and function are inferior to office fabricated sports guards.  Do bear in mind that when playing a sport you should protect your teeth – a tooth knocked out as the result of a hockey puck to the face, can be both a sightly and costly injury, that could have been easily prevented.

Night Guards
A night guard, sometimes referred to as a Bruxism appliance, is similar to a guard one might wear while playing sports. It is made of either pliable or hard acrylic and is typically worn over the teeth while the patient sleeps at night. This is done to help prevent grinding and wear on the teeth of the individual, and can help with other problems associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and snoring.

A night guard is custom-made by taking an impression of the teeth and then either making the appliance for the patient in-office or at a dental laboratory. Most patients can expect to have the finished product delivered to them in 2 weeks.

If you require either of these services, Cornerstone Dentistry is happy to assist you!