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Dental Check-Ups/Perio Exams

Dental Check-Ups

During a check-up (recall appointment), the patient has a complete intra- and extra-oral exam that also encompasses an Oral Cancer Screen. This allows the dentist to assess for any changes or areas of risk. The dentist will then check all the teeth for any cavities or problems and all soft tissues are also checked for changes. The dentist uses tools such as Radiographs, Mirror and Explorer to assess for cavities (decay). This visit also provides time for the patient to address any concerns that they have with the dentist, such as pain, oral changes or aesthetic issues. The dentist will either address the issues at this time or have the patient return for a consult appointment.

Perio Exams

A full Perio Exam (periodontal evaluation) is a way to assess your periodontal health by examining your teeth, gums, bite and bone structure and risk factors. Using a small probe with tiny markings, a periodontal evaluation helps the Dental Hygienist to determine accurate information on the state of the health of your gums. This will let the Hygienist know how healthy your mouth is and also help determine any problem areas that may require additional treatment. Full periodontal evaluations should be completed yearly to ensure you are getting the best possible care for your mouth, as well as to compare results from year-to-year.