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Teeth Whitening

Many patients are looking for that beautiful white smile. This is an attainable goal and the process can be quite simple. To achieve the look you are searching for teeth whitening (bleaching) is the way to go. Everyone is able to bleach their teeth.  The final results are dependant on the concentration of bleach used, the duration of time the bleach is on the teeth and the expectation of the patient.  You do have the option of purchasing over the counter bleaching system or using the bleaching systems recommended by your dental team.  Professional bleaching systems offer you the assurance that they have been tested and have been proven to be effective while not damaging teeth or the supporting gums.

Bleaching can be done in office, at home in custom fabricated trays or by using strips. At our office we use the Opalesence© system.  It has been proven to be the least sensitive, due to the high water content that prevents the teeth from becoming too dried out, of the many bleaching systems on the market.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, please speak to our Dentist, Hygienist or Dental Assistant to discuss your options and their pros and cons. Soon you will be able to enjoy a brilliant white smile!

Boost Teeth Whitening System

Patients often ask if there is a way to bleach teeth while in the office. The answer is yes! We offer the Opalescence Boost System© and it works well for individuals who need to have white teeth immediately. There is no need for lasers or high intensity lights to make the bleach work – all those fancy tools do is desiccate or dry out the teeth. Opalescence Boost© gives you the look of brighter whiter teeth immediately upon completion of the treatment. The downside is that once the teeth rehydrate the colour will lapse back to the initial shade or close to it. The Boost system is ideal to jumpstart your bleaching treatment, but understand that home bleaching, with trays or strips, is still required in order to produce a beautiful white smile that lasts.

As with any bleaching system yearly touch-ups are required (usually only for one or two days per year). So if you have a special occasion coming up in the very near future this may be the bleaching system for you!

Custom Whitening Trays (take home)

Custom fabricated trays are probably the most effective way to produce a beautiful white smile. At the initial appointment staff will review with you the process of bleaching. Photos will be taken to confirm the initial shade of your teeth prior to starting.  Moulds will be made of the upper and lower teeth so that the custom trays can be fabricated.

At the second appointment the trays are delivered to you along with instructions on care and use of the trays.  In general people will bleach for a number of hours each day.  I usually suggest that trays are placed in the mouth after supper and worn until time to go to bed.  Of course the longer the trays are worn the faster the results will be.

With a professional bleaching system we can vary the concentration of the bleach used in order to provide the best results.  This is not possible with over-the-counter purchased bleaching system.  A treatment course can vary from seven days to a number of weeks, and again, this is determined by the patient expectations and the length of time the bleach is used.

At the conclusion of your treatment you keep your trays.  This allows you to do touch-ups at your own discretion, making custom bleaching very cost-effective.