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Dental Service FAQ

Are Dental X-Rays really necessary?
Yes. X-rays are the only way to diagnosis problems such as tooth decay, cysts, and abscesses that they your dentist can not see by looking in your mouth doing only a visual exam.  They are especially important in looking at children’s developing teeth and are used as an important screening tool to allow for early diagnosis before pain or tooth crowding ie) in the case of orthodontics use becomes apparent.  The number of X-rays you will need and how often they will need to be taken depend on a variety of factors such as; age, their current dental health/needs as well as the external factors they may be exhibiting at the time they present for their appointment.

Will you take payment directly from my Insurance Company?
We ask that our patients pay us directly and we will electronically submit your claim to your Insurance company using the internet service (where allowed by your provider). Most times our patients report that their money is deposited into their accounts the next day! We accept Visa and Mastercard so you can collect your points while waiting for your re-imbursement to arrive. We also take debit, cash and personal cheque which can be post-dated to allow for the payment to arrive from your Insurance Company if you need to mail your form in.

Do you accept new patients?
Absolutely! Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbours and family about our office too we’d be happy to welcome them as patients.

How much will my cleaning cost me?
A very common question and one that is not easily answered. The ‘cleaning’ is compromised generally by scaling the teeth, doing a polish and usually an exam by the dentist. Usually the exam and the polish are a fairly standard fee (approx. $47 for the check-up and polish based on the 2013 fee guide) what is a variable is the scaling. This is charged in 15 minute incriminates of the time needed to remove the plaque, tartar and build-up from your teeth. Most adults who regularly attend their dental appointments every 6-9 months have on average 30-45 minutes of scaling to be completed at their appointments. Each 15 minute unit of scale is $55 (based on 2013 ODA fees)

What is the difference between coming in for a check-up and a cleaning appointment vs. just coming in for a cleaning/scaling only and is that covered by my Insurance?
Sometimes,  your hygienist or the treating Dentist may recommend that your return for appointments to have more frequent “scaling” or cleaning in between your regularly scheduled 6 or 9 month appointments where you normally come in for one appointment and see the dentist for your check-up. Most people don’t’ realise that their Insurance often gives them a certain number of scaling units they are entitled to per year.  These extra units can be divided up over the course of the year and it means that you can come in 3 or maybe 4 depending on the plan and see the hygienist to have your teeth cleaned only -polishing and a dental exam by the dentist is not done at these appointments.

If I have laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for my appointment am I ok to drive afterwards?
Yes, the effects of the laughing gas are fully worn off by the time the patient leaves the office. The patient is given oxygen for 5 minutes at the completion of the appointment to ensure that they are fully recovered at the time of their dismissal.

When can you eat after having fluoride?
You should wait 30 minutes after having a fluoride treatment before you have any sort of food or drink, so that the fluoride can take full effect.