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Digital X-rays

Dental x-rays (radiographs) are necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as cavities (decay) or abcesses which can cause pain, swelling and infection in the oral cavity. They may also be used as a screening tool to detect impacted wisdom teeth or to check for forms of oral cancer.

Dental X-rays are one of the greatest assets in modern day dentistry, yet unfortunately they receive a lot of negative attention due to the radiation they emit. At our office we use only digital x-ray equipment. This provides a higher quality image, less time spent in the chair, no harmful processor chemicals used to develop the films as in the past and less radiation. Our office also consistently uses the proper protective equipment to protect the patient during their x-rays.

All members of staff are trained in the best techniques available for taking x-rays in a manner that is safe for both the patient and themselves. X-rays are not something that the Dentist prescribes without having a real need for them. In order to provide the patient with the best care possible they are always necessary when requested as a part of the patient’s treatment. Without them, the visual exam may not always be 100% accurate since it is impossible to see in between the teeth or below the gums without them. However, it has been shown in many studies that a day in the sun or a trans-Atlantic flight on an aircraft provides more exposure to radiation than a set of dental x-rays. On that note, don’t forget sunscreen and go ahead with those dental x-rays at your next appointment!