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So you have lost a tooth? Do not fear!

A bridge can be placed to replace the missing tooth: in the mouth, is like a bridge over a body of water, needing a solid attachment on either side of the span. The solid supports are the teeth, located on either side of the missing tooth, and the span is the missing tooth. Patients come in for the first appointment and the area is frozen (anesthetized). The teeth involved in the support of the missing tooth are prepared, and an impression or mould of the area is made which is sent to an outside lab to make the bridge. While the final structure is being made, a temporary plastic bridge is fabricated to help hold the space and allow the area to function while waiting for the permanent bridge.

At the second appointment, the new bridge is fitted and then cemented in place. Usually bridges are made of porcelain and therefore are matched to the colour of the remaining teeth in the mouth. It is not removable and overtime will feel like a natural teeth.

At Cornerstone Family Dentistry, we have a colorist on staff to ensure you get the absolute best-matched shade to your natural tooth color. This service is referred to as Custom Shading.