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Tooth Implants (Crowns, Bridges, Dentures)

One of the most innovative procedures that have happened in the last few decades is the replacement of missing teeth using implants.  Whether you are missing one tooth or several, implants are the closest way of mimicking your actual teeth. The teeth implants are usually placed by an Oral Surgeon, Periodontist or a Dentist who has done specialty training in implant placement.

Once the tooth implant has been placed, and the bone has securely grown around the implant, a replacement tooth or teeth (crown, bridge or denture) can then be screwed into the implant.  This allows the patient to function and chew with confidence, never having to worry about their teeth coming out. In the case where a denture has been elected, implants will hold dentures firmly in the mouth allowing you to eat without worry. Along with peace of mind, if you can now chew properly, you also get the best nutrition from the foods you eat, with the resulting good nutrition and good health that follows.