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A Parent’s Halloween Dental Survival Guide

October 18th, 2023

Halloween is almost here and we know our children love this spooky holiday, but we do not want their teeth to become the scary part! This fun day is mostly about the candy which also means too much sugar for their teeth. So here are some important tips to help keep your kids’ dental health in check while letting them still enjoy this holiday. 

Which Candy is the Worst?

It is a good idea, before the kids dive right into their stash, to go through and remove some of the most dangerous candy for their teeth. Look for the ones that are the most sticky, chewy, gooey and gummy. Things such as caramels, taffy, licorice, gummy bears/worms, etc. These are the worst for getting stuck in the teeth and are the hardest to clean off so be sure to keep these to a minimum. Hard candies, jawbreakers and suckers are also some of the worst choices as kids tend to crunch them which can lead to chipped and cracked teeth. These also stay in the mouth longer and stick to the teeth long after they are finished. The worst of all might be sour candies – they are sticky but they also erode the enamel!

One of the better choices is actually chocolate. This is usually eaten quickly and melts so it will easily wash off with some water and of course their toothbrush. 

Set Limits

Once the candy has been sorted it is very important to set limits! How many can they have on Halloween night? How many per week? Also how many are you keeping in total? It is a great idea to consider donating extra candy!

Candy Alternatives

To help others as well, try handing out less sugary treats such as popcorn, granola bars, pretzels, crackers, or sugar-free gum to name a few. You can also give out something other than candy at your door and the kids will love the variety as they will get tons of candy! Handouts such as little toys, crayons, glow sticks, stickers, play-dough, costume jewelry, etc. like ones you can find from the Dollar Store.

Post Holiday Dental Care

Your critters will be very tired on Halloween night but be sure they do not skip brushing after all of the candy! Some good habits after the day are to brush immediately after eating candy. Also, eat candy only after eating food, and always drink more water!

We want to let our kids enjoy this fun time so we do not want them to stay away from all their treats entirely. Instead, try some of these tips to do your best to help out their teeth during this candy-crazy time! Have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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