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Thumb Sucking – How Does It Impact Your Child’s Mouth

September 16th, 2019

Sleeping little girl sucking thumb

Is your child a thumb sucker? It is common for babies and small children to suck their thumb as a way to soothe themselves. But once their teeth start coming in constant thumb sucking can cause problems with the alignment of their teeth.

Once your little one starts to get their teeth, active thumb sucking can cause damage to the teeth. It can also cause misalignment of your child’s permanent teeth and affect the jaw or the shape and roof of their mouth.

Typically thumb sucking is something small children grow out of or stop on their own but if you notice your child still frequently sucks their thumb after the age of three, it may be time to speak to your doctor or dentist. They can recommend different strategies you can use to try and wean your child from thumb sucking. 

Posted in Children's Dentistry