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Restorative Care for Children

Often the first time a child or parent hears that they have a cavity (decay) they are very disappointed. There is a feeling that they have done something wrong but this is not the case.  Sometimes with the best hygiene habits, and good diet, decay can still occur. Parents and children should not worry, with advances in dentistry, the process of getting a filling (restoration) is painless and often achieved with minimal inconvenience.

Our child-focused restorative care includes spending time explaining what we are going to do, prior to doing the work. Children are told that their lip is going to “go to sleep”. We will wash the “sugar bugs” (decay) off the teeth and then fill the hole. With explanations given in a language that children can understand we are able to guide the child’s expectations through the process of restorative care. With the help of television, that they can watch while having their filling done, many children find that the time goes by quickly and, before they know it, the appointment is finished.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available to help those patients who find dental treatment difficult. For those very young patients requiring a significant amount of work or for those who are anxious, dentistry in hospital is available. Dr. Buys works at Peterborough Regional Health Centre providing service under general anesthetic for children requiring extra help.

So don’t worry if your child needs to have restorative dental work: look at it as another experience in life. Another milestone in their development. We will help restore their smile and give them the confidence to be a good dental patient.