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What’s Going On In My Mouth

July 24th, 2019

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The sound of a dental drill or the sharp hook on some of the instruments you will see in the dentist office can be a little scary to some patients. But if you know what they are and how they are used they come a little less scary. So we thought we would break down a few of the instruments, what they are and how they are used so next you come in you know exactly what to expect.

Mouth Mirror
One of our most commonly used tools is our mouth mirror. This allows the dentist to view areas of your mouth that are hard to see. They may also use this tool to push your tongue out of the way or hold it against your cheek inside of using their finger.

Sickle Probe
A sickle probe is a tool with a long handle and a sharp-looking hook on the end. The dentist would use this tool to explore the pockets between your teeth, while also scraping away tartar and plaque.

The scaler looks very similar to the sickle probe, but they are more essential for the removal of greater buildup.

A suction is simply a vacuum that removes salvia from your mouth. The dentist typically needs a dry surface to work so they will use this tool to suction up any salvia in your mouth.

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