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Laser Treatments

Lasers have many applications in dentistry.  A laser is a light that is emitted, and when concentrated at various wavelengths and frequencies, can be a great asset to any dental practice.

Lasers are used in the treatment of gum disease to disinfect the gum pockets that can occur and  is painless and efficient.  This procedure is done in conjunction with a dental scaling (cleaning) and allows the gum tissue to heal and reattach to the tooth improving the shape of the gum and promoting better overall gum health.

Lasers are also used to remove unwanted gum tissue, which may occur when a tooth is having a difficult time erupting into the mouth as a teenager.  The laser can also contour gum tissues when we are performing cosmetic work and need to make the gums more symmetrical or to increase the length of teeth.  Additionally, lasers can also expose tooth structure that is covered by overgrown gum tissues.

Lastly, lasers are very effective in treating herpetic cold sores (ulcers) or cankers (apthous ulcers). No freezing is required and the treatment only takes a short time to complete.  If we are able to catch cold sores in the tingly stage prior to their eruption, then we can sometimes prevent the cold sore from breaking out.  Laser treatment does reduce the time that it takes for healing cold sores. Patients need to contact us promptly when they begin to feel signs of a cold sore developing so we can then lessen their suffering and recovery time.