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Custom Whitening Trays (take home)

Custom fabricated trays are probably the most effective way to produce a beautiful white smile.

At the initial appointment staff will review with you the process of bleaching. Photos will be taken to confirm the initial shade of your teeth prior to starting.  Moulds will be made of the upper and lower teeth so that the custom trays can be fabricated.

At the second appointment the trays are delivered to you along with instructions on care and use of the trays.  In general people will bleach for a number of hours each day.  I usually suggest that trays are placed in the mouth after supper and worn until time to go to bed.  Of course the longer the trays are worn the faster the results will come.

With a professional bleaching system we can vary the concentration of the bleach used in order to provide the best results.  This is not possible with over the counter purchased bleaching system.  A treatment course can vary from seven days to a number of weeks and again, this is determined by the patient expectations and the length of time the bleach is used.

At the conclusion of your treatment you keep your trays.  This allows you to do touch ups at your own discretion – making custom bleaching a very cost effective way to bleach.

What a easy way to brighten up your smile.