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Boost Teeth Whitening (in Office)

Patients often ask if there is a way to bleach teeth while in the office.  They look forward to, what they feel will be, a quick and easy way to achieve a bright white smile.

We offer the Opalescence Boost System© and it works well for individuals who need to have white teeth immediately.  There is no need for lasers or high intensity lights to make the bleach work – all those fancy tools do is desiccate or dry out the teeth. Opalescence Boost© gives you the look of brighter whiter teeth immediately upon completion of the treatment. The down side is once the teeth rehydrate the colour will lapse back to close to the initial shade. The Boost system is ideal to jump start  your bleaching treatment, but understand that home bleaching, with trays or strips, is still required in order to produce a beautiful white smile that lasts.

As with any bleaching system yearly touch ups are required (usually only for one or two days per year).

So if you have a special occasion coming up in the very near future this may be the bleaching system for you – Just remember you still need to support the initial work done in the office with home treatments.