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Nutrition and Oral Care

February 10th, 2020

A well-balanced diet is essential to maintaining good oral health. While you may brush and floss twice a day, the foods you eat play a big part in keeping your smile healthy. Food helps to supply your body, bones, teeth and gums with the nutrients they need to help fight infection. In fact, some of the most tooth-friendly foods are likely already being incorporated into your daily diet. 


We all know that onions cause bad breath that can linger for hours after you eat. While having bad breath is typically associated with poor oral hygiene, onions get a free pass. Onions are actually beneficial to gum health as they neutralize bad bacteria that can live in your mouth. Next time you want to cook with onions, don’t be afraid to add a little more in. Your friends and family may not thank you… but your mouth sure will. 

Dairy Products

Can you brie-lieve it? Cheese, milk and yogurt are all great options to snack on if you’re looking to strengthen your teeth. These dairy products contain calcium that are essential for bone health. Just try to consume sugary foods such as ice cream and chocolate milk in moderation as sugar tends to breed harmful bacteria that causes bad breath and cavities. 

Sweet Potatoes, Red Peppers and Oranges

Now this may sound like a weird combination, and we definitely don’t encourage you to eat all three at once. But all of these foods are all high in Vitamin C which is great for both oral and overall body health. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen which is the connective tissue that holds bone together. A Vitamin C deficiency may cause loose teeth and bleeding gums. While most citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, we recommend eating these fruits in moderation as they can weaken your teeth enamel over time. 

Chicken and Fish

To all non-vegetarians out there… be sure to stock up on chicken and fish to incorporate into your favourite main dish! These meats both contain Vitamin B3 which is a great defense against bad breath. Not only does a lack of Vitamin B3 cause bad breath, but it can also cause painful canker sores inside your mouth. If you’re able to eat meat — especially chicken and fish, we definitely recommend adding these to your next grocery list. 

Incorporating nutrient-rich foods into your diet is only part of practising good oral health. We still recommend brushing and flossing twice per day and avoiding sugary foods when possible. Be sure to visit a dental hygienist for regular cleanings and let us know what changes you’ve made in your diet to help keep your teeth happy and healthy. 

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